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13 Natural Remedies for Sebaceous Cyst with Natural Essential Oils and Herbs

Natural Remedies for Sebaceous Cyst

Sebaceous Cyst is retention of keratin trapped under the surface of the skin trapped within a sebaceous sac which is created from skin cells. They are painless, slow-growing, small bumps or lumps that move freely under the skin and to the trained eye, are commonly easily diagnosed by their appearance. Sebaceous cysts are formed often due to swollen hair follicles, blocked glands, skin trauma and higher levels of testosterone in the body. Keratin is a very strong protein found naturally within the body and is a major component in skin, hair, nails and teeth. Treatment heals the cysts and also reduces soreness. It is possible for the cysts to be lanced by a doctor but there are many Natural Remedies for Sebaceous Cyst that can prove just as effective. Natural remedies for sebaceous cyst will help the cyst drain and heal.

There are numerous other possible natural remedies for sebaceous cyst which include natural essential oils like Frankincense Oil and herbal remedies like milk thistle, aloe vera, and arnica. None of these natural remedies are backed by particular research but there are numerous testimonials that claim success. With a little trial and error, you will hopefully find the natural remedies for sebaceous cyst that you are looking for. Herbal remedies are usually regarded as safe.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an herb with natural healing and antibacterial properties. It has been used for ages to treat several skin-related problems in people.
  • Cut the leaf open to extract the gel.
  • Apply this directly on the cyst and leave it on for a few hours.
  • Rinse this away before reapplying the gel.

Castor Oil

Castor oil is used for numerous skin diseases, and it is also regarded as one of the most effective natural remedies for sebaceous cyst.
  • Gently massage a few drops of the castor oil directly on the sebaceous cyst.
  • Soak the cotton cloth in the warm water and wring out the excess water. Place this on the cyst for 10 to 15 minutes.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is easy to apply and works gently to heal your sebaceous cyst. The herb has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which also work on headaches, cold and acne. Tea tree oil calms the cyst area and reduces the cyst by hydrating the skin.
  • Apply 4 to 5 drops on the sebaceous cyst.
  • Let it be absorbed by the kin and cyst.
  • Repeat 3 to 5 times a day.


Arnica is an effective Herbal Treatment for Sebaceous Cyst because of its anti-inflammatory properties that help comfort swelling and redness.
  • Arnica is available in some forms including gels and topical creams which can be applied directly to your cyst every day.


Like ginger, Turmeric is a tried and tested herbal treatment for a number of conditions. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and can be taken in supplement form.
  • Make a thick paste by mixing enough water with the turmeric.
  • Apply this on the sebaceous cyst and let it dry.
  • Wash it off after an hour or so.

Milk Thistle

This herb is effective in cleansing the body from within and prevents the formation of toxins in the body.
  • You can take it in the form of tea or capsule, to get rid of sebaceous cysts.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Good old apple cider vinegar is certainly developing a reputation as a home treatment option. It is a particularly excellent treatment for skin complaints and infections.
  • Apply apple cider vinegar to the cyst using the cotton ball.
  • Repeat this two times a day.


Honey is an organic product has therapeutic effects that are why it is a very useful treatment for Sebaceous Cyst.
  • Put wheat grass or plantain in a blender and blend it.
  • Add some honey to the paste and mix it well.
  • Now, apply it directly on the cyst and cover it with a clean cloth.
  • Leave it overnight. You will surely notice helpful results.

Guava Leaves

To go for this solution you first need to boil some guava leaves in a bowl of water for about 15 minutes and then strain it. Then, you need to use the solution for washing the cyst.
  • Boil some leaves of guava in water for 15 minutes and then strain it.
  • Use the solution to wash the cyst.

Dandelion and Viola

Dandelion and viola help in fighting the bacteria causing cysts. It helps in removing toxins from the body. Dandelion and viola it is a natural and effective Sebaceous Cyst Herbal Treatment.
  • Take one bag of dandelion and viola herbs mix.
  • Boil it in four cups of water.
  • After boiling, simmer it for 45 minutes.
  • Drink this solution, several times a day.
  • For best outcomes, drink the herbal solution for 8-10 days.


The glycoalkaloids of potato possess anti-inflammatory properties. This is an easy, effective, and natural treatment for sebaceous cyst removal.
  • Grate a small row potato and save the juice.
  • Apply the potato juice on the cyst with a potato slice.
  • Cover with a washcloth and leave it overnight.
  • Repeat for a few days until healing.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has properties that aid maintaining the pH level of the skin, and therefore keeps bacterial growth under control, providing relief from itching and burning too.
  • Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with ¼ teaspoon of salt and 3 teaspoons of water.
  • When the above becomes a smooth paste, apply directly on the cyst.
  • Repeat 3 times a day for one week.

Lime Powder

This method may lead to some irritation and make you uncomfortable, but this is definitely an effective treatment for treating inflammation.
  • Initially, mix some lime powder with water so as to make a smooth paste and apply directly over the cyst.

You can begin using these natural remedies for sebaceous cyst right away from home to get relief from sebaceous cysts. If you want to see long-term results so you never have to deal with pesky cysts or zits again, here's a resource where you can learn more about Causes and Symptoms of Sebaceous Cyst. Instead of popping or squeezing a sebaceous cyst, you can try some effective natural remedies for sebaceous cyst, as squeezing a sebaceous cyst may be painful and increase the chances of infection. However, it is much better to treat the cysts with the effective and proven natural remedies and more information at Herbal Care Products.

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